80D Income Tax

80D Income Tax

The Income Tax Act included a provision known as Section 80D that enables taxpayers to deduct the cost of their medical insurance premiums. By allowing a claim of deduction for medical insurance premiums up to Rs. 25,000 per year, this section lessens the tax burden of individuals. On qualified medical insurance premiums paid for the …

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Goods Transport Agency (GTA)


Goods transport agency” or GTA refers to any individual who offers services in connection with the transportation of goods by road and issues consignment notes, regardless of the name used. This indicates that while other parties may also lease cars for the transportation of goods, only those that issue consignment notes are regarded as GTAs. …

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GST Compliance

GST Compliance Meaning A significant tax reform in the country has been brought about by the implementation of the new GST tax system. The new system combines several local, state, and federal taxes into a single, fungible tax. This much-needed reform has improved administrative paperwork and increased transparency in the framework for collecting taxes. Since …

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LLP Form 11 filling

     LLP form 11 LLP form 11 filling is a very easy process. Regardless of how much money an LLP makes over the course of the year, Form 11, an annual return must be filed by all LLPs. Even if an LLP doesn’t engage in any operations or business throughout the fiscal year, Form …

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IMPORT EXPORT CODE INFORMATION (IEC) The initial registration needed for commercial entities engaging with the import or export of products and services from India is the Import Export Code, more generally referred to as IEC. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade issues IEC (DGFT). It serves as a passport for commercial import and export. Benefits …



Company strike off

Simply put, striking off a firm implies quickly ending a failed business. It is the simplest approach to shut down a business. Which business can be fired? – Any business, regardless of its type, can be dismissed private company, One-person operation Section 8 company for public companies – The Companies Act of 2013 oversees corporations, …

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Private Company Annual Compliance

Private Company Annual Compliance

What is the Private Company Annual Compliance? An organisation with a distinct identity known as a private company must regularly file reports with the MCA in order to preserve its active status. Every corporation must submit an annual return and audited financial statements to the MCA at the end of each fiscal year. No matter …

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