Benefits of Filing ITR Every Year

Benefits of Filing ITR Every Year

What is a tax return for income?  You declare the specifics of your income received from a variety of sources on an Income Tax Return (ITR), after which you are required to pay taxes to the income tax department. ITR records every aspect of a person’s earnings and tax-saving investments made within a specific fiscal year. For …

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The Purpose of Audits

The Purpose of Audits

How Do Audits Work?  The term “audit” typically refers to an examination of financial statements. A financial audit is an independent review and assessment of an organization’s financial statements to ensure that they fairly and accurately reflect the transactions they purport to represent. Employees of the organization may conduct the audit internally, or an independent …

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GST impact on IT Sector

Introduction: GST impact on IT Sector One of the most major tax reforms in India was the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It has made sure that the economy is rationalized and has strengthened mop-up, resulting in continual convergence under the notion of “one nation, one tax.” It has been referred to …

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Difference between Goods and Services

Difference between Goods and Services

Goods Definition  The term “goods” refers to tangible, consumable items, articles, and commodities that businesses offer to clients in exchange for payment. They are things with physical properties, such as shape, appearance, size, weight, and so on. It is able to fulfil human desires by making them useful. Some goods can only be used once, …

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What is Excise Duty

Introduction Excise duty is a levy imposed on goods produced domestically. This indirect tax is collected from clients by retailers or middlemen, who then pay it to the central government.   When manufacturers shift products from their production area or warehouse to a different location for selling, they must pay this fee. Since tax is …

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What is GST, or goods and services tax?  Ans. It is a consumption tax on products and services that is based on destination. It is suggested that taxes be collected at every stage, from production through final consumption, with setoff for taxes already paid at earlier stages. In essence, only value addition will be taxed, …

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GST Updates 2022 - 2023

GST Updates 2022 – 2023

  GSTR 1: Statement of Outward Supply Changes The GSTR-1 Return, also referred to as the Statement of Outward Supply, must now be filed chronologically. This indicates that returns must follow a specific order. If the prior month’s return has not been filed, the current month’s returns cannot be filed. The manner in which recipients …

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Benefits of GST to Indian Consumers

How the Indian GST Operates? GST is a planned nationwide comprehensive indirect tax that would be levied on the production, sale, and consumption of commodities as well as services. It functions as a form of value-added tax. All indirect taxes imposed on products and services by the national and state governments of India will be …

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