GST Clarification

GST Clarification


Every business with a turnover that exceeds a certain threshold must register for GST. During the registration process, business details such as statutory information, address of the business, nature of goods and services, and so on are required.

While the registration may be approved within 7-10 days, the tax officer may require clarification before granting the business registration.

When Should You File a Clarification Form During GST Registration?

If the GST officer is not satisfied with the information you provided in your GST enrollment application or the documentation you attached, the tax office may request clarification.

In such cases, the status of the application is changed to ‘Pending Clarification.’ Within 7 working days of receiving the notice seeking clarifications, you must log in to the GST Portal using your TRN and provide the requested clarifications electronically or upload the requested documents.

Clarification Request for Filing

In the event of a new registration:

  • After visiting the GST official website, select the Register Now option at the bottom left of the

  • Choose “Temporary Reference Number” (TRN), enter the TRN, and click “Proceed.”

  • Enter the OTP you received on your mobile number and email address in the Mobile / Email OTP field and click

  • If you already have a registration:
  • To access your GST account, click “Login” in the top right corner of the GST homepage and enter your valid username and

  • Now, select registration from the list of The taxpayer can proceed with the application by clicking on the application for filing clarifications.

  • Enter your application or notice reference number and then click

  • If you want to change something about your original registration application, select “Yes” under modification and click

  • Your original application is now available for You have the ability to make the desired changes.

  • If you select “No” in the modification section of the registration application, you will see a list of queries raised by the tax officer seeking

  • Fill in the query response field with your responses. You can enter any additional information in the additional information field and upload supporting documents for the tax officer’s

  • Choose the Authorized Signatory’s name from the drop-down menu and enter the location where the application is being


  • You can save the form at any time within a maximum of 7 working days of receiving the Notice in order to seek clarification from the Tax

  • Submit the application with SUBMIT WITH DSC or SUBMIT WITH EVC, as

  • In the event of SUBMIT WITH DSC:
  • Click the SUBMIT WITH DSC

  • Click the PROCEED

  • Select the certificate and press the SIGN

In the event of SUBMIT WITH EVC:

Click the submit WITH EVC button.

Enter the OTP sent to the Authorized Signatory’s registered email and mobile number and click the VALIDATE OTP button.

A success message will appear. The Taxpayer’s submission of the form is notified via SMS to the applicant’s registered mobile number. An email will be sent to both the applicant and the authorised signatory.