GST Composition Scheme and Features

GST Composition Scheme and Features

Manufacturers of goods, dealers, and restaurant operators who do not provide alcohol may make use of the composition system.

  • Compared to business owners under the conventional GST scheme, those registered under the plan pay a substantially lower tax percentage. One percent of the annual turnover is the tax paid under the composition plan.
  • Based on the sorts of businesses, the composition rates change. The restaurant industry pays 5%, as opposed to manufacturers who normally pay around 1%.
  •  If a business owner has multiple entities registered under a single PAN, they must register each entity separately under the program. If not, he or she must choose to leave the program.
  • Each quarter, the business owner must submit a single return by the 18th of the month that follows the applicable quarter.
  • The dealer will be required to pay tax at the standard GST rate when transactions are performed via the reverse charge mechanism.

Rules of the GST Composition Scheme

  • Various manufacturers, service providers, and traders are allowed to register as GST-compliant enterprises by the GST authorities. The following parties, however, are not included:
  • Non-resident taxpayers or infrequent taxpayers
  • Businesses that make product purchases from unregistered manufacturers or suppliers
  • Supplies that carry out the supply of goods and services
  • Those who engage in the supply of commodities exempt from the GST Act

Limit of GST Composition Scheme

  • Depending on the company sector, different limits apply to the GST composition scheme.
  • Traders and Manufacturers When a business is first registered, its annual turnover cannot exceed Rs. 1.5 crore. If the business is already registered, the preceding fiscal year’s turnover cannot have exceeded 1.5 Crore.
  • Service Providers – If a business is just getting started, its annual turnover cannot exceed 50 lakh.
  • The business must adhere to the standard GST system if the turnover exceeds the allotted limit.

Who May Choose the GST Composition Scheme and Who May Not?

  • As long as the annual turnover is within the allowed range, a business owner may choose to use the GST composition plan. This program is available to:
  • Shopkeepers
  • Little industrial facility
  • Unit providing food
  • Service industry unit
  • Truck driver
  • Service center
  • The operator of a machine
  • Artisan
  • Vendors of fruits and vegetables and more

Tax Rate Under the GST Composition System

 The tax rate under the GST composition scheme is dependent on the revenue generated by the firm. 

 The following rates are valid at this time:

  • 1% GST for manufacturers and traders
  • Restaurants (No alcohol served): 5% GST
  • Providers of services: 6% GST