GST Refund in case of Exports

90% of the integrated GST paid on exports will be refunded within 7 days, and the remaining 10% will be refunded within 60 days. If exporting goods or services is done without submitting a bond or LUT and IGST was paid on those exports, the GST refund will invariably be due.

No IGST would apply if the exports were completed after the Bond/LUT was submitted. Refunds of accrued Input Tax Credit on expenses may become due in such circumstances.

The above-described steps and regulations still apply when applying for a GST refund due to exports. Additional considerations are also necessary, as will be detailed below.


GST Refund for Exports Without IGST Payment

When exporting products, services, or both without paying tax upon submission of a Bond or LUT, the refund of input tax credit will be given based on the calculation below:

Refund Amount = Adjusted Total turnover + (Turnover of Zero Rated Supply of Goods + Turnover of Zero Rated Supply of Services) x Net ITC

Where, The maximum refund that is allowed is referred to as the “refund amount”.

“Net ITC” refers to input tax credits used for goods and services within the applicable period, The value of a zero-rated service supply made without paying tax under a bond or LUT is referred to as the “turnover of zero-rated supply of services.”The value of zero-rated supplies of services is referred to as “turnover of zero-rated supply of services.”


“Adjusted total turnover” refers to the turnover for the relevant period that excludes the value of exempt supply other than zero-rated supplies. The time frame for which the reimbursement application was submitted is referred to as the relevant period.


Trade in Services

According to IGST Act Section 2(6), the tax paid on the export of services is refundable in the circumstances listed below, which are explained:

India is where the service is supplied.

The client is located outside of India.

Outside of India is where the service is provided.

Convertible foreign exchange serves as the supplier’s payment for this service.

There is no difference between the premises of the service provider and the service  


Eligibility requirements

To request a refund on account of the export of services with tax payment, fill out form GST RFD-01A and meet the requirements listed below.

The Taxpayer is signed up with the GST Portal and is in possession of a valid GSTIN (Identification Number) during the time the refund is being processed.


For all the tax periods for which a refund is intended to be sought, Form GSTR-1 and Form GSTR-3B must be filed.


When exporting services, the taxpayer is required to pay taxes, which then need to be refunded.


Documents Necessary

According to CGST Rules or Circulars indicated, the applicant must upload the necessary papers using Form RFD-01A. Additionally, if required by the sanctioning authority, the taxpayer may upload Statement 2 with information on invoices for the export of services with integrated taxes or any other supporting evidence.


How to apply for a GST refund

State and central GST are the two parts of the GST. Additionally, the Integrated GST is applicable to imports and exports of India as well as to the supply of goods and services between states. However, the exporter has the opportunity to request a refund of the IGST paid, and this can be done in one of two ways:

Imposing the IGST on products and services exported without paying

According to this, an exporter is permitted to request a return on the input credit that was not used. Refunds are normally provided within a fortnight if they are requested for duties already paid. The exporter is required to provide the GSTR-1, 3B, and export general manifest. The Shipping Bill itself is regarded to be an application, so no additional application is needed. For products exported outside of India, the exporter submits the shipping bill. The export report or manifest with the date and number of the shipping bills must be filed by the exporter, the Custom House Agent, or whoever is in charge of the shipment before the presumed application will be regarded as having been submitted.


Exporting products and services after making IGST payments

The tax paid on such exports may be claimed back by the exporter. The exporter submits a separate online application in the form of RFD-01A for refund claims made for input credits and refund claims made without the payment of IGST. To manually submit the application to GST officials, a paper copy must be accompanied by the necessary supporting documentation. In this instance, the refund is granted after reviewing the submitted paperwork.

After that, the exporter must submit a request for a refund via the common portal, either directly or through a facilitation centre that has been alerted by the GST Commissioner. Once requested, a refund must be paid within 60 days of the date of full reimbursement.