LLP Form 11 filling

     LLP form 11

LLP form 11 filling is a very easy process. Regardless of how much money an LLP makes over the course of the year, Form 11, an annual return must be filed by all LLPs. Even if an LLP doesn’t engage in any operations or business throughout the fiscal year, Form 11 must still be submitted.

In addition to the fundamental information about Name, Address of LLP, and Partners/Designated Partners data, the following additional information must be stated:

  • The total amount invested by or for the LLP partners
  • Information on notifications received regarding fines and offences that were committed throughout the fiscal year but were compounded.
  • The electronic form must be downloaded and filled out offline before being electronically filed through the MCA portal. There is a pre-fill option available to minimise your labour, and a pre-check button is offered to ensure the data input is correct. Before submitting the online form, this is resolved.


How Do I Submit LLP Form 11?

  • Obtain Form Download the instruction kit and the form first from the MCA Portal.
  • Find your LLPIN To view all LLPs registered with MCA that contain the terms you’ve entered, enter your LLP name. By choosing it, you can get the LLPIN connected to your chosen LLP.
  • With the LLP, prefill form 11 Details: Indicate the year that this form pertains to. the first day of the fiscal year for which a yearly return is being filed.
  • Mention the amount of the contribution: Mention the overall contributions made by each part filed.
  • Enter the partners’ details here: Designation and DPIN/PAN will then be automatically recorded. In order to quickly acquire the partner’s information, you must click the Pre-Fill button.
  • Details about the companies that are partners: Enter any company information that needs to be mentioned as a partner. If any partner fits that description, enter their CIN, FCRN, LLPIN, FLLPIN, or other identifying number and press the pre-fill button; all of the partner’s data will be collected immediately.
  • Information on the fines levied against the LLP and the Partners: If any fines are levied against LLPs, they must be mentioned in paragraph 13(ii), together with any fines levied against partners.
  • Information on compounding offences: If you decide to combine your violations, you must provide the pertinent information.
  • “Does the LLP’s revenue surpass Rs 5 crore?” must be checked. Select the Yes button if the response is affirmative; otherwise, select the No button.
  • This form must be checked, signed, and submitted to finish the procedure. After that, log on to the MCA Portal to file the form.



Within 60 days of the financial year’s end, LLP Form 11 is required. Since the end of the fiscal year for all LLPs is March 31st, the LLP Annual Return Form 11 is due on May 31st of each year.



LLP form 11 Penalty

If the LLP Form 11 Annual Return is not submitted by the deadline of May 31 or earlier, there will be a penalty of Rs. 100 per day until the non-compliance is resolved.

The penalty has no cap, so as time goes on, the sum will rise. Therefore, it’s crucial to submit the on time to prevent paying a steep fine.



LLP Form 11 Requirements

The following details and paperwork must be submitted with the LLP Annual Return:

  • Identification Number for LLP
  • The LLP’s registered office address
  • The LLP’s Business Classification (Business, Profession, Service, Occupation, Others)
  • Main business ventures of the LLP
  • Information about the LLP’s Designated Partners and Partners
  • Total amount of the LLP’s partners’ responsibility to contribute
  • Total investment received by all LLP partners
  • Summary of Partners and Designated Partners
  • Specifics of any fines levied on the LLP
  • Specifics of any compounded offences
  • Information about the LLP or company in which the Partner or Designated Partner is a Director or Partner (This information must be included if the Partner or Designated Partner is a partner in an LLP or a director in a company).
  • It is crucial to remember that after the LLP Annual Return has been submitted, it cannot be changed. Additionally, the total contribution made by all LLP Partners as reported in LLP Form 11 Annual Return must coincide with that reported in LLP Form 8 Statement of Accounts & Solvency, which must be submitted on or before October 30. Therefore, it’s crucial to get expert assistance while creating and submitting an LLP Annual Return.


What is the LLP Form 11 Filing Procedure?

Step 1: Access the MCA homepage.

Step 2: Use legitimate credentials to log into the MCA portal

Step 3: Select “E-Filing” under “MCA services”

Step 4: Click “LLP Forms Download”.

Step 5: Open “Annual Return of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)”.


Step 6: Enter the LLP Information 2.

Step 7: Use the search function to locate LLPIN (optional)

Step 8: Select the LLPIN option from the dropdown menu (optional)

Step 9: Complete the application.

Step 10: Download the web form as a draught.(optional)

Step 11: Present the web form

Step 12: SRN is created using web form’s recommendations. (The user may run the SRN for any upcoming similarity with MCA.)

Step 13: Hook up the DSC

Step 14: Submit the associated PDF file from DSC to the MCA portal.

Step 15: The SRN will be revoked if the user does not successfully upload the DSC connected PDF within 15 days of the SRN generation and complete the charge within 7 days of the successful upload of the DSC attached document, whichever is earlier.

Step 16: A written acknowledgement is sent.