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Simplify your company registration in Gurgaon with expert assistance for your business setup.Gurgaon is a growing business district in Delhi-National Capital Region where you will discover a significant number of businesses providing services to clients all over the world. The demand for company registration in Gurgaon is increased by this expanding area of business segments. The greatest new company registration may be found here from a variety of reliable and skilled lawyers and law firms. No matter if you are a new or experienced entrepreneur, you must adhere to all corporate laws in order to increase your credibility and authenticity in the worldwide market. In addition to these, it accredited your business so that you could get the highest possible degree of revenue. 

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Gurgaon Company Registration in Various Forms


1) Private Limited Company Formation:

This type of company registration is perfect for businesses that anticipate high annual sales and for business owners looking for outside investment. A private limited corporation must have a minimum of two members in order to become incorporated. In comparison to other types of formations, this company creation has more obligatory MCA, GST, and income tax compliances. Private Limited Companies offer a quick and straightforward way to raise financing for a business. Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) can also be offered by private limited companies.

2) Public Limited Company Formation:

This type of company registration is perfect for businesses that anticipate substantial annual sales as well as for business owners looking to raise money from both members and the general public. A Private Limited Company must have a minimum of five members in order to become incorporated. In comparison to other types of formations, the obligatory MCA, GST, and income tax compliances under this company creation are very high. Public Limited Companies offer a straightforward and convenient platform for raising money for a business. Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) can also be offered by public limited companies.

3) Formation of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Company:

This type of company registration is excellent for service-based enterprises as well as for companies that require less capital to launch. A Limited Liability Partnership must have a minimum of two participants in order to be formed. In comparison to the registration of a private limited company, the obligatory compliances connected to MCA, GST, and income tax are less with this company creation. Raising contributions is a little more challenging than it is for a private limited company. The employees of LLP Company Formation are not eligible for ESOP.


4) One Person Company Formation (OPC):

This type of company registration is perfect for sole proprietorships who want to have total control over the firm, minimize their liabilities, and become a legal entity. According to this Private Limited Firm, a minimum of one member and one nominee are  needed to start a company. Compared to other types of formations, this company’s obligatory compliances with MCA, GST, and income tax are quite little. This Private Limited Company offers a challenging platform for raising finance for the business. Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) cannot be offered by private limited companies.

Advantages of establishing a business in Gurgaon

●    Shields you from a variety of dangers and damages, including personal liability 

●    More nearby clients.

●    Investments and loans from reliable sources.

●    protects corporate assets.

●    Increased capital contribution and stability.

●  Opportunities for exponential growth and expansion.

●    Bank accounts with no balance the paperwork needed to create a corporation in Gurgaon

Documents Required For Company Registration in Gurgaon

The following documents are required for company registration in Gurgaon :



Driver’s license, passport, voter ID, and PAN card scans (for foreign nationals and NRIs)

Passport-sized image that has been scanned and
has a sample signature (blank document with specimen signature is required of
company directors)  scanned copies of
monthly bank statements, phone bills, or gas or energy bills with addresses.



Submission of a passport copy that has been notarized is required  Bank statements, utility bills, or phone bills that are at least two months old serve as address proof.


According to the current trends, creating an entity is undoubtedly advantageous in terms of tax requirements and long-term growth. According to the Company Act of 2013, the organization has the right to take advantage of a number of special privileges that guarantee its steady growth. Hopefully, you will find the process described above to be easy and clear. However, if you require high-level guidance about the formation of a firm, kindly contact a SRV Associates specialist.


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