MSME services in Gurgaon


Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) refer to all businesses that fit into one of these three categories. The foundation of any economy and a catalyst for economic growth, MSME services in Gurgaon support business to equitable development. The MSMED Act was created by the Indian government to support and promote MSMEs through a variety of subsidies, programmes, and incentives. MSME Registration is necessary to receive advantages under the MSMED Act from the federal, state, and banking sectors. 

Under the MSMED Act, micro, small, and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors can apply for MSME Registration. Although MSME registration is not required by law, it is advantageous for businesses since it offers a number of benefits, including the ability to qualify for cheaper financing rates, an excise exemption scheme, tax subsidies, power tariff discounts, tax breaks, and other support. Your company can register Msme services in Gurgaon with SRV Associates to receive a number of benefits. 

  Who can register MSME? 

  • Manufacturing: Registration is open to all manufacturers. 
  • Tradespeople: No registration 
  • Focus Sectors for MSMEs in the Services Sector 
  • Hospitality and tourism 
  • Financial and Banking Services
  • Education 
  • Entertainment and Media
  • E-Commerce and Retail 
  • Business Management andConsulting
  • IT and ITeS 
  • Health and holistic treatment 
  • Transportation and Logistics 
  • Specialized Services 

   Required Documents for MSME Registration in Gurgaon

 The following the documents needed for MSME registration in Gurgaon:
  • The Enterprises must comply with documentation of its business address, copies of its purchase and sale invoices, and government permits.
  • ID Card, Aadhaar (soft copy Attachment )  
  • Social Group (General, OBC, SC, or ST) 
  • Name of the company or business 
  • (Proprietor/Firm/Company) PAN Card 
  • Office Location 
  • Email and mobile number 
  • Account number and IFS code for the bank (Proprietor/Firm/Company) 
  • Principal Business Activity (Work Done by Your Firm or Company) 
  • Number of personnel 
  • (Proprietorship, Partnership, (LLP, Pvt. Ltd.) 
  • Investing in equipment and/or plant  

What are the goals of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses?

Since the application was submitted online, the process was combined with the MSME Registration in Gurgaon.

The goals of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are listed below. 

●     To make it possible for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses to effectively compete with the global market; 

●     To encourage the expansion of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses on a big scale in order to combat the pervasive issues of unemployment and poverty. 

●     To provide SSI units with the benefits of multiple government programmes at a single location. 

●     To protect small-scale businesses from being financially exploited by large corporations. 

 Advantages of registering as an MSME 

If you apply for  MSME services in Gurgaon, you will get a lot of benefits and will see growth in your business.

 Easy Access to Bank Credit 

Businesses that choose MSME Registration are eligible for bank loans without collateral. These loans don’t use any collateral from the application entity as a guarantee. The Indian government and SIDBI collaborate to bring about the implementation of this programme in support of MSME’s.

 Opportunity for Business Promotion 

The MSME ministry offers several chances for business promotion to entities registered for MSME. They are invited to take part in a number of national and international trade shows.

 Advantages of Octroi 

The benefit of an Octroi refund is available to firms registered under the MSME services in Gurgaon. The Octroi payments made by these entities are reimbursed. Other organisations who are not MSME-registered must pay for Octroi.

 Income Tax Relief 

In the first years after starting a firm, income tax is not due for entities registered under MSME.

  Stamp duty and registration fees are waived 

Businesses that are MSME registered benefit from a stamp duty and registration fee waiver.

 Concession on Electricity Bill 

For a limited time, entities registered under the MSME category are entitled to a discount on their electricity bills.

 Bar Code Registration Subsidy 

For manufacturing units, a bar code is required. If such entities are registered as MSMEs, they are eligible for subsidy benefits.

 Patent Registration Subsidy 

MSME is granted a 50% fee remission for filing patents.

 Assistance with ISO Certification 

MSME receives assistance for obtaining ISO certification.

 Capital Assistance 

MSME receives a 15% subsidy when buying equipment.