Why do people prefer to select online GST return filing services in Gurgaon?

The reason for choosing online GST return filing in Gurgaon are as mentioned below:


Dedicated GST advisor: At SRV Associates, a relationship manager with expertise in the industry you work in is assigned to you. The designated person will assist with particular duties like submitting the invoices and making sure the filing is finished on time. 

We make sure that timely reminders are given well before the point at which the penalty becomes applicable.


Reminder to file GST returns: Additionally, in order to prevent deadlines from being missed, the GST counselor will also notify you of them. 

Monthly GST Status Information: Our GST experts will provide clients with detailed monthly reports on the status of the GST return filing in Gurgaon, including the GSTR 3B Filing, and the next steps. 

GST returns prepared by the Ledgers: The GST returns are prepared using the GST software, LEDGERS, to ensure accuracy and ease of filing. 

GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B filing: The quarterly GSTR 1 return is submitted. The deadlines for reporting GSTR 1 are based on turnover; businesses with sales of up to Rs. 1.5 crore can submit quarterly returns. 


Standard accounting and cloud records: Online Gst return filing in Gurgaon is very beneficial for the clients as in this whole journey the accountant records all of the financial transactions and invoices in LEDGERS to make submitting all of the returns simple and affordable. 

How can I register for GST? 

The Indian government first used the phrase “Goods and Services Tax” (GST) on July 1, 2017. This law was created to lessen the way taxes on goods and services cascade. The advantages of this law extend to all commercial organizations. The first two digits of the GST, a 15-digit PAN-based unique identification number, stand for the State Code, while the next 10 digits indicate the applicant’s PAN. This is a prerequisite for all businesspeople (subject to turnover), and we’re here to take care of all the compliance work so you can easily concentrate on your main operations. 

Who needs to submit GST Returns? 

All business entities that are registered under the GST system are required to file GST returns. Based on the type of business, the filing procedure must be determined. 


A GST return must be filed by any registered dealer who participates in any of the following activities: 

●     Sales\Purchase\Output tax on goods and services (on Sales) 

●     Credit for Input Tax with Purchase GST 

Documents Needed for Online GST Return filing in Gurgaon

GST There is no adequate set of documentation for return filing. The sales invoice for any taxable services or goods is mostly required. 

Therefore, you must adhere to a few general rules while filing your GST Return:

a) Prepare each invoice in accordance with the GST Law. 

b) Keep records for bookkeeping either offline or online. 

c) Use our streamlined excel sheets if you can’t keep records in your GST Filing programmer. 


1. Timely Submission – We will submit your GST returns three days after receiving all necessary information. Additionally, there is no possibility of future fines. 

2. Expert Consultation All Year Long – Get GST advice on demand. Both the number of questions and the time limit are unlimited. 

3. Save Money (100% ITC Guaranteed) – We provide dependable and expert services at reasonable costs as compared to industry norms. 

4. Professional In-House Team – We have a professional in-house team. Your work is not sublet to anybody else by us.

Late submission of GST Returns is punishable 

In the event that the taxpayer fails to submit the returns by the deadline, a fine will be assessed. The late charge is the name of this fine. The late fine for both the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) and State Goods and Services Tax is Rs. 100 for each day under the GST Law (SGST). As a result, the daily fee will be Rs. 200. This rate is subject to adjustments, which will be disclosed via notifications. The highest fine that can be assessed is Rs. 5,000. If the filing of the return is delayed, the integrated GST, or IGST, does not incur any late fees. In addition to the late payment penalty, the taxpayer will additionally be compelled to pay interest at a rate of 18% per year.



The special reminder for all the taxpayers who apply for gst return filing in Gurgaon as well as in other states is that he/she imust compute this interest based on the amount of tax that has to be paid. The time frame will be measured from the day after the filing deadline to the day on which the payment is actually made.