Company Registration in Faridabad


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What Is the Difference Between Company Registration and Company Incorporation?

Company formation, also known as company incorporation, is the process of registering a business in accordance with the procedures established by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The owner has complete control over the type of company under which the business is registered. Furthermore, following approval of the Company Registration in Faridabad process, the Registrar of Companies will issue the company a Certificate of Incorporation.


Business Structure Types

The major types of business structures available to entrepreneurs for incorporation are as follows:

Private limited company Must be registered with the MCA and the Registrar of Companies in Delhi.

Limited liability partnership A modernised form of partnership that must be registered with the Registrar of LLPs.

One person company – Similar to a private limited company, but only one person or shareholder is required to get started.

Partnership firm – A basic firm must be registered with the Registrar of Firms in Delhi.

Sole proprietorship – the most basic business structure, with no formal registration process and only one person required to get started.



Eligibility Criteria for a Delhi Company Registration

  • A minimum of two shareholders and directors are required. However, shareholders and directors can be the same
  • At least one of the directors must be an Indian resident, that is, he or she must have spent at least 182 days in India in the previous
  • All businesses must have a registered office address from which to conduct their
  • To file applications, the directors of the company will need a digital signature certificate and a director identification
  • The business owners must draught the necessary legal documents, such as a Shareholder agreement, MoA, and

Documents Required for Delhi Company Registration

If you want to register a company in Faridabad, you must have the necessary documents, including ID and address proof. Here are some checklists:

  • Copy of the Applicant’s Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card Copy of the ApplicantFirm Address Proof, such as a copy of an electricity bill
  • If the firm’s address is rented, the rent agreement or the electricity bill must be submitted with the

The Benefits of Company Registration

The main advantage of registering your company with the local or state government is that your company name is not registered with anyone else. Your state may require you to register your company. You can locate the nearest ROC in your area. If you are unsure about any registration process, you can consult with a company registration consultant. In India, there are numerous Registrars of Companies (ROC). In Tamil Nadu, there are only two Registrars of Companies (ROC). Only available in Chennai and Coimbatore.


Accounts in a bank: Certain registrations and regulations are required for company formation procedures. You must provide valid proof that your company is properly registered under the rules. If your company’s registration is correct. You have the option of opening a business bank account in your state. A business bank account is a significant advantage for all small businesses. Because your personal acts can be separated from your business operations.


Employee Recruitment: A company registration allows you to hire and pay employees in accordance with state laws. When you register your company in your state, you will be assigned a state identification number. It enables you to pay state taxes on behalf of your employees. As a result, if you decide to hire an employee for your company, you must incorporate your Company Registration in Faridabad