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Monthly Accounting Services

What is Monthly Accounting

Monthly accounting services are essential for every business. It helps to keep track of the financial transactions and make sure that your company complies is observed with all the obligatory regulations.The term “monthly accounting” refers to a set of activities and practices used in accounting to ensure that a company’s monthly financial statements are prepared using the accrual method of accounting. Accountants may claim that because a company’s operations are ongoing, an appropriate “cut-off” between end-of-month transactions and those that belong in the next month is required. A company’s monthly closing will be harder if it sells products and has inventories. The business must make sure that the expenses of the purchased products are reported in the same month that they are included in inventory.

An essential component of the monthly closure is reviewing the financial statements before distribution. Comparing the sums and percentages on the most recent financial statements to those from earlier months may be one way to do this. Before issuing the financial accounts, the current month’s figures should be examined, for instance, if the current income statement indicates that the cost of goods sold is 86% rather than the expected 81%.

SRV Associates is a leading provider of compliance services, including Corporate Compliance Services in Delhi. We recognize the importance of compliance services for businesses. We believe that compliance services are essential for long-term success, and our commitment to delivering exceptional service is crucial. you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

The six essential procedures for monthly accounting

Since every company differs, there is no ideal month-end close checklist. Some people work with items, thus they will need to take additional measures to track both inventories. Others are service-oriented or have significant petty cash and office costs to consider. SRV Associates provides inclusive accounting services for your company’s needs including financial statement structuring, payroll processing, bookkeeping, and income tax return filing services. Use our systematic monthly accounting services and stay premises-free.

For start-ups and SMEs, the month-end accounting procedure often consists of six essential steps:
Accounts receivable: Record every income that was received during the month, including cash, invoices, loans, and other sources of income. This step also entails making sure you’ve got the right amounts from your clients and pursuing delinquent debts. Each of these transactions needs to be entered into a diary by your finance department.

Accounts payable: Accounts payable is the amount of money you spend each month on bills and purchases as opposed to income. You’ll need to keep track of your spending, including how much you spent and on what items or services, using corporate cards, expense reports, and invoice payments.

Account reconciliation: Every transaction must be compared to and verified with that of the corresponding bank, vendor, or company during this phase of the monthly closure. The accrual process is what is meant by this.

Fixed assets: Sometimes larger equipment, technological advances, and other assets are converted to cash in your ledger. This is because, over time, the value of these assets decreases as a result of depreciation and amortization. You are permitted to spread the cost of depreciation in the form of expenses over the years since assets are expensive. To maintain consistency in your accounts and prevent jarring increases in profit or loss, it’s crucial to record any change in the value of these assets (including repairs or amortization).

The significance of monthly book closing​

For your business, closing your books on a monthly basis is crucial. It can show you the financial data for your company and the areas where you need to make improvements. Closing your books on a monthly basis will also assist you in making financial decisions for your company, avoiding costly errors, and getting ready for tax season. Here are the benefits of shutting your books each month, in case you’re still not convinced:

  • Maintains the accuracy of your financial statements and books.
  • Simplifies tax filing
  • Supports you throughout an audit
  • Gives you a comprehensive picture of the financial state of your company
  • Gets you ready for the future
  • Eliminates potential accounting errors

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